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We believe in people, integrity, democracy, and productive conversation. With the right training and opportunity, we believe we can get the best out of people. We are a national grassroots consulting company focused on surveying and gathering data on the backbone and voice of America: the voter. Our work is exceptional, our employees are well trained and polished, and our speed and professionalism stands unmatched. Are you ready to find out what American voters are thinking?


With a grassroots mobilization network in all 50 states, In Field Strategies is focused on utilizing sophisticated data insight to measure and persuade public sentiment while employing cutting edge technologies to ensure we deliver the best actionable data to our clients. Not only is our firm led by top talent with over 25 years of grassroots experience — we distinguish ourselves by having senior staff deeply engaged in each project from start to finish, a promise we keep to clients.

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If you are a Company, Corporation, Political Campaign, Super PAC, State or County Party, In Field Strategies comprehensive suite of grassroots services is for you.

Whether you’re lining up your signature efforts, putting boots on the ground to identify, persuade, and build a base of support, conducting door to door polling, or simply planning for future GOTV work – we encourage you reach out now and let us help you win.