With a sophisticated grassroots mobilization network in all 50 states, In Field Strategies is ready to serve you in a variety of ways.

Whether you’re just starting to budget, lining up your ballot access signature efforts, putting boots on the ground early to identify, persuade, and build a base of support, or simply planning for future GOTV work – we encourage you to reach out now and let us help you win! Our team of battle-tested professionals stand ready for your call.

Grassroots Organizing
Full integration with your campaign field team, including management of your door efforts, phone banking, lawn sign distribution, community event staffing and staff build out.

Advocacy, Identification, and Persuasion
We use professional canvassers to identify where voters or consumers stand on your campaign and then work to persuade them to join your cause via a series of face-to-face interactions at the door.

Absentee and Early Vote Push
Winning or tightening the margins of Absentee and Early voting in your election can make the difference when ballots are counted. Our canvassing team ensures your supporters get the push they need to vote before Election Day.

GOTV (Get-Out-The-Vote)
Whether it's a month of absentee chase or a 72-hour program, we have the manpower to support your final grassroots push to secure a victory on Election Day.

Public Opinion, Consumer, and Survey Research
With a permanent large staff of highly trained field and data managers and a finely tuned training process, we deploy the highest standard of canvassers to collect accurate data at the door, allowing you to gain valuable insight into what a voting block or consumer base is thinking.

Petition and Signature Gathering
Want to gather signatures and change the law? We got you covered. Our professional team can manage the entire project, from collection through verification and turn-in, or just a portion of the project depending on your needs.

Virtual Canvassing
Want to collect hard IDs via peer-to-peer interaction? Deliver the same literature you would deliver at the door, capture the same data you would capture canvassing, and have a similar personal touch you would have face-to-face, without putting anyone in danger.

A/B Message Testing
Want to test two messages to see which is more persuasive and has more sticking power? A/B testing - via door to door conversations with a professional canvasser - is a strategic science that allows you to determine your most powerful message arc and our team has the training and experience to get it done.

P2P Texting
Have you ever received a text message and decided not to read it? Neither have most voters. Cut through the clutter and let us send your message via peer-to-peer text messaging directly to your audience.