IFS Triumphs at 2024 Reed Awards with Outstanding GOTV & Field Execution in Charleston Mayoral Race

March 22, 2024


In a political landscape where strategy and ground game can determine the victor, In Field Strategies (IFS) has once again proven its mettle by securing the prestigious 2024 Reed Award for Best GOTV & Field Execution. This accolade comes in recognition of the company’s exemplary campaign efforts in the Charleston, SC Mayor’s Race, highlighting a meticulous and relentless approach that turned the tide in favor of Republican candidate William Cogswell against the incumbent Democratic Mayor John Tecklenburg.

With Charleston not having elected a Republican mayor in over three decades, the campaign was anything but straightforward. The city’s political leanings, combined with the challenge of unseating an established incumbent, set the stage for what would become a fierce electoral showdown. IFS, as the primary canvassing arm for Cogswell, embarked on a rigorous grassroots campaign designed to sway voter sentiment and galvanize support for the Republican contender.

The goal was clear: to secure the election of Cogswell, a real estate developer and former state representative, in a race marked by its competitiveness and high stakes. The campaign demanded a strategic and intensive grassroots effort, which saw IFS operatives knocking on over 45,000 doors and securing more than 9,500 IDs from potential voters. This herculean effort in identification, persuasion, and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities laid the groundwork for a campaign that would not only challenge the status quo but also rewrite the political narrative of Charleston.

Navigating through a crowded jungle primary, IFS’s ground operation was instrumental in Cogswell winning the plurality of votes, setting the stage for a runoff against Mayor Tecklenburg. The climax of this well-orchestrated campaign was a narrow victory in the runoff, where Cogswell emerged victorious by a margin of just 569 votes.

This victory not only signifies a significant political shift in Charleston but also underscores the efficacy of IFS’s ground campaign strategies. The firm’s ability to conduct targeted identification, persuasive outreach, and effective GOTV operations played a pivotal role in overcoming the odds and achieving a monumental win.

Reflecting on the campaign, the parallels with IFS’s previous success in the re-election of Governor Brian Kemp in Georgia are evident. Both campaigns underscored the importance of early engagement, community rapport building, voter identification, and persuasive canvassing as essential components of a winning strategy. The Reed Award for Best GOTV & Field Execution is a testament to IFS’s commitment to excellence, strategic innovation, and the impactful execution of political campaigns.

As IFS celebrates this remarkable achievement, the firm remains dedicated to setting the standard for campaign excellence and reinforcing the vital role of ground operations in electoral success. The Charleston mayoral race victory not only adds to IFS’s growing list of accolades but also serves as a reminder of the power of effective grassroots campaigning in shaping the future of political contests.

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