IFS Wins 2023 Reed Award for Best Field GOTV Execution

March 31, 2023


In Field Strategies is honored to win this 2023 Reed Award for Best Field GOTV Execution, for our work helping to re-elect Governor Brian Kemp in the great state of Georgia.

We were hired in February of 2022 to be the ground operation for the Governor Kemp re-election campaign. During the primary season we faced a formidable opponent in former Senator Perdue, who came with his own fundraising base and years of established name ID. Pundits and public polling put us within a single digit margin as we approached the primary. Despite this we were able to knock on 450,000 doors and make 823,000 voter contacts on our way to a 52-point win over Perdue.

We then moved on to the general election against an even more formidable Stacy Abrams. During the general election we were able to knock on 1.1 million doors and make 1.5 million voter contacts from July to the election on our way to an outright win on election night (over 50%) by a 8-point margin.

Our persuasion canvassing and follow-up GOTV canvassing undoubtedly had a huge impact on the final outcome of both these elections, with Governor Kemp being one of the shining wins for the Republican party on election night.

It was long term community building and door-to-door canvassing that made the difference and ultimately gave way to a huge upset. We got out early, delivered an impactful persuasion message in a professional manner, built rapport with the community, and ultimately turned out our supporters via a GOTV effort, resulting in a 250,000 vote margin of victory.

“One of the biggest mistakes campaigns make is waiting until the last minute to activate grassroots activities with the idea that turnout operations are the focal point of canvassing operations and they completely miss the need for identification and persuasion in the months leading up to the GOTV effort,” said IFS partner Tommy Knepper. “

Building the strongest door-to-door effort requires four legs:

  1. Start early so you can secure the best staff and give them the most time to get to know the community

  2. Identify where voters stand and build rapport with them

  3. Persuade the undecided voters to come your way and fill your GOTV bucket

  4. Turn out your voters down the stretch in a GOTV effort

Team Kemp recognized the above benefits, started early, and won a decisive victory over Abrams. We are thrilled to have been a large part of the Kemp campaign and to take home the Reed Award for Best GOTV program for the second year in a row.”


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