Colby McCarron

Chief Operating Officer

Past Work

Seasoned in the political field with an expertise in campaign finance.

Finance Director for high profile nationwide campaigns including city council, congressional, senate, secretary of state, gubernatorial, PACS and non-profit organizations.

Campaign Director for Congressional races in both California and Kansas.

Private Finance consultant and board member for hedge funds based out of Silicon Valley, CA

San Diego State University, Political Science (B.A)

Get in Touch

Colby serves as Chief Operating Officer at In Field Strategies.

With an extensive political background, she utilizes her political expertise and knowledge of membership development to effectively manage IFS’ ever-growing staffing demands.

As a seasoned political finance director, Colby has successfully directed the financial operations of numerous high-profile campaigns across the nation, raising millions of dollars for her clients. She has been instrumental in expanding donor bases in new territories, greatly increasing memberships and donor participation to several organizations. Her clients include PACS and non-profit organizations, city council, congressional, senate, secretary of state and gubernatorial races.

Colby is also a private financial consultant and board member for hedge funds in Silicon Valley, California. She works closely with venture capitalists and investors who specialize in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Colby holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the San Diego State University. She currently resides in San Diego, CA.