Anna Katherine Baxley

Travel & Logistics

Past Work

White House – Office of Presidential Scheduling

Receptionist – United States West Wing

Member Services – RNC

BA in Political Science – University of Alabama

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Anna Katherine serves as a Director of Travel and Logistics at In Field Strategies.

As a seasoned operations professional, Anna Katherine is responsible for the travel and logistics of IFS staff as they are deployed on projects across the country.

Prior to working with In Field Strategies, Anna Katherine served in multiple roles in the Trump Administration, including in the Office of Presidential Scheduling and as the Receptionist of the United States (ROTUS) in the West Wing. In her roles at the White House, Anna Katherine was responsible for overseeing logistics and operations for West Wing events, receiving and hosting presidential guests, and providing support for foreign delegation visits.

Prior to serving the Trump Administration, Anna Katherine worked at the Republican National Committee in Member Services where she was a part of the team that coordinated presidential primary debates, RNC Meetings, and Member hospitality events at the Republican National Convention and Presidential Inauguration.

Anna Katherine is also a consultant for state parties and corporate clients, providing meeting and event management services.

Anna Katherine holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Alabama and currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama.