Angel Cardenas

Executive Assistant

Past Work

Administrative Assistant, The Law Offices of Jason Burnette

Administrative Assistant & HR Department, AAA Security

Accounting Department, ABQ Heating & Cooling

Field Program, Col. Allen Weh for Senate 2014

Get in Touch

Angel Cardenas is an Executive Assistant at In Field Strategies.

Angel has more than a decade of experience working as an assistant and in customer relations.  She manages the logistics for all IFS staff and is responsible for secretarial duties, among many other tasks.  She started her tenure with IFS in the recruitment department and shortly thereafter was promoted to Executive Assistant.  She understands that communication is key to success and applies it to her professional and personal life.

Prior to joining In Field Strategies, Mrs. Cardenas served as an Administrative Assistant for The Law Offices of Jason Burnette and AAA Security. She has many years of administrative and accounting experience and brings that knowledge to her role at IFS.  Mrs. Cardenas also taught young children at Tower Baptist Christian Academy where both of her daughters attended school.

Mrs. Cardenas has volunteered on numerous campaigns and has a robust knowledge of grassroots politics.  She has a deep passion for the political issues facing the United States and has worked throughout her life to help bring change to the U.S. political system.  She has performed multiple duties on campaigns and has worked with political organizations in New Mexico to further conservative ideals.

Mrs. Cardenas has been a moral anchor for many companies as her integrity, ethics, and a strong sense of core values are unshakable.  Mrs. Cardenas is married to a youth pastor and is the mother of two beautiful daughters and a newly born son.

She currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.